Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Second Post

Well, right now the posts are not really about anything, as i dont have any followers yet, so dont have anyone to post information to. it will become more detailed and interesting when i get feedback and have active followers, remember, the plan is to eventually turn this into a website community. if you have come across the blog, leave a comment saying what you think, or follow me, i promise it will get better over time. for now i ask a question to all you writers, or just whoever is reading, what book would you say has influenced you most as a writer/ if you are not a writer, what is your favourite book and why?


  1. HI,I just sarted my own blog to. Im excieted i found yours know i don't feel alone to much. Okay on to the question. I would say the book that Influenced me the most would have to be Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas. Its a historal romance but i just loved the stroy and it right along the same lines of the type of storys i write. Its a bit odd since my writing idol is edgar allen poe. i'll stop there, im rambling sorry. hope to see more for you soon. keep it up.

  2. Hello back, it is quite daunting when you start the blog and think, is anyone ever going to come across it. for me, the book that started all my writing, is a book by Norton Juster, called the Phantom Tollbooth. it incorporates so many important messages and meanings, that you wouldnt pick up on reading it as a young child, but when you go back later in life and read it, you can appreciate it on so many more levels. As for rambling, no need to apologise, it is a sign that you are enthusiastic about it, which is never a bad thing, feel free to ramble as much as you like, i will certainly end up rambling in my posts more often than not. thanks for reading and commenting, its nice to know there is at least one person other than myself who knows this blog exists.

  3. Well for a blog it isn't hard to find. As far as how many people know it exists.... well most people are sheeple in my opinion and they require instant gratification in a familiar way. What a boring way to live life... anyhow, I am Tilven and an aspiring writer, to answer the question; my first "favorite" book was Bridge to Terabithia, I would wander around the backyard or neighbor's field imagining I was in a different world. When I was 15, I read the book Monster by Christopher Pike, this insane gem lasted as a favorite of mine for some time. Now at nearly 30 I would say my favorites(plural) are The Harper Hall Trilogy by Anne McCaffrey, and the Garion books by David Eddings.
    Feel free to visit my blog @ and follow/comment or just msg me and let me know what you think.